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Mechanic getting down to it



Success on social media isn't about blitzing your Facebook page with random posts and irrelevent links. And tweeting quotations of so-called business gurus won't do anything to boost your business. The biggest barrier to making social media deliver on their promise is that, frankly, people just don't know what to post.

Equally frankly, the problem is that very few businesses are that interesting. If you make a living as a stunt double for Daniel Craig, you'll probably manage to keep your audience hooked, but if you sell carpet tiles or advise your clients on ISAs, it's not so simple. Of course, you can always post fitting instructions, design ideas, or maybe analyse the latest developments at HMRC. And that'll work. For a while. But can you keep coming up with fresh ideas? Do you have the time to do all the research, then all the writing? After all, you still have a business to run.

But the problem is more complex than that. Your business is, well, your business, but it's not central to your customers' lives. However important your offering, people will always have more compelling demands on their time. Sure, they might read your Best Buys 101 when they're in the market to buy anyway, but you want to be in their eyeline all the time. After all, isn't that what social media are supposed to do?

And that's what we do. We get in deep to what interests your potential customers, not just in areas related to your marketplace. Then we create compelling, tightly-targetted posts that will pique their interest and keep them hooked

We'd like to explain in more detail how it could work for you. Why not contact us for an informal chat. You'll pick up ideas just from the conversation. And we promise not to quote Sam Wanamaker.